Sunday, 9 November 2014

Who is Egan Goliath?

It can be very daunting to get into the world of health and fitness, as we often feel lost and overwhelmed. Unfortunately this feeling is enough to demotivate, so when you feel like you have no idea where to start or what to do, it’s good to take a look at what people who have succeeded have done and try and follow in their footsteps. I was lucky enough to interview a fitness manager, and he gave some words of wisdom.

Egan Goliath is the envy of most men, and he has truly earned his body. Egan has been working in the fitness industry his entire life, and could not imagine doing something else, has set a good example for young boys. Now he is in his 30's, Egan still pushes his body, training up to five times a week. Although he enjoys lifting weights, beach volleyball is a passion of his. Had he not gone down the route of personal training he would have taken his volleyball career to the next level. With that being said he still plays the sports on occasion as it is a stress reliever and he finds it therapeutically.

Egan greatest achievement was being a cluster personal training manger, managing over 40 personal trainers in 2 flag ship clubs. He is currently the fitness manager for one the most prestige gyms in the country and encourages clients constantly stay active, no matter what. Even if you don’t have time to go to the gym, just make sure that you keep moving. Exercise isn't enough, even Egan knows that a healthy diet is very important, as he juices a lot of vegetables which is good for your digestive system.

So if you feel the gym is too intense for you, then pick a sport that you like and join a club, or get some friends together and organize a sports day. If the sports games is too intense for you, then try the gym and take it slowly, the point is to not give in, remember that nothing in life comes for free, you have to earn your body, through hard work, sweat and tears. In the ends it’s always worth it. 

Healthy Is the New Skinny

Nothing Looks as Good as Healthy Feels

The pressure society puts on young girls to be skinny is killing our girls, magazines are full of pictures of girls who look perfect. What some of our younger girls don’t realize is that those girls in the magazines, don’t even look like that. So instead of dieting and putting your body in harm’s way, this girls need to focus on their health. Yes there was a time when being skinny was the most fashionable thing, and some people still feel that way, but the truth of the matter is that times are changing, and we need to get with the times.

Girls in the mid-twenties and on-wards are quickly realizing the importance of being health and fit instead of being skinny. So don’t worry about how much you weight compared to the next girl, or if you can get away with wearing short shorts, we all have different body types. We need to strive to live healthier lives, you need to eat according to your body type. If you are a curvaceous women then embrace those curves and let your body blossom. 

Starving yourself to be skinny and look like these models on TV is just as unhealthy for you physically and mental health as being overweight, we should be watching our girls and encouraging them to be fit and strong.  Participating in sport and marathons, being part of a gym, these are healthier alternatives. 

HootSuite VS TweetDeck

HootSuite and TweetDeck have two very similar functions, and having made use of them both over a short period, I have discovered some interesting facts about the two, the main differences between the two is that TweetDeck combines all of your accounts into one window whereas HootSuite provides a tabbed interface with a tab for each account you add. I have also examined some of the keys aspects of such an app , to see which one is actually more effective. 
The first, and most important issue is the price, TweetDeck is 100% free to use, whereas HootSuite offers a free version and a pro version for $9.99 per month but they offer a free trial of 30 days, the difference between the paid version and the unpaid is that the paid version you get; bulk scheduling, Google analytic s, Facebook Insights integration as well as unlimited RSS feeds.
The user interface of both these apps are very similar, the platforms is where you can see a distinct difference.  The TweetDeck interface seems to be a neater and more appealing to the eye, while the HootSuite interface is a bit bulky and little busy for the first time user and takes a bit of figuring out.  However, once you have figured out the HootSuite layout you may find that it is extremely easy to use. Both of these apps allow you to schedule your post in advance, they were very similar in this regard, but HootSuite had an interesting extra feature, where you can bulk schedule updates. Although it was tricky to use at first, this is vital as a marketing tool, and the added value of being able to integrate an RSS feed to automatically post makes this feature even more valuable.  While the bulk scheduler allows you to import 50 updates at once, the format makes it take nearly as much time as scheduling one by one until you figure it out.
Both of these applications allow you to update your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles regardless of whether or not you are using the free or paid version.  However, Hoot Suite’s features allow you to update your , Facebook Business and Brand Page , Foursquare, Myspace, and accounts.  Unfortunately neither client includes everything.
·         Downloadable desktop version available for PC, MAC, Smartphones and Tablets
·         Column based interface, all profiles are viewed in one screen
·         Browser based interface; downloadable version available for Mac, Smartphones and Tablets
·         Browser integration available for Google Chrome and Firefox
·         Social media profiles are viewed in tabs, rather than all in one window.

How I Keep Healthy

Ignore Your Health and It Will Go Away

Unable to  exercise as much as I use to, I have had to sacrifice some of the foods I use to eat and adjust my diet accordingly. My first goal was to drink more water, at least 2 liters a day. I keep a water bottle on me at all times and another on in my car, when I am home I drink warm water with some lemon. This helps to cut down my fat and flush my system. I eat a lot of fruits throughout the day, I leave the house with four apples, and when I feel like nibbling on something I eat an apple. Eating every couple of hours improves your digestive system, so instead of having three big meals or two big meals a day have four to five little meals. I don’t have any coffee and I drink soda only on the weekends, if that, I keep away from salt, white bread, custard, and cakes.

I have a light workout routine that consists of, crunches, squats, sprinting and jumping the rope, all of which I can do in my home. This means I don’t have to leave my house, but when I do I go for a run around the neighborhood, I don’t have a set day for this but I run at least three times a week and sometimes more. Finally I hike a lot, every second Sunday and sometimes more. My workout requires no gym or gym equipment. I ensure to keep adding to my workout, that way I keep challenging my body and pushing it to the next level. 

Take a Hike

Leave Nothing but Footprints, Take Nothing but Pictures
Kill Nothing but Time

In Cape Town we are blessed with beautiful summers, and there is nothing like a view from the top. There is a huge following of hikers in Cape Town and personally, it is one of my favorite pass times, in fact it I love it so much that I don’t even see it as exercise, but rather a fun activity to do over the weekend. Hiking is unlike any other form of exercise, besides it being good for your body, the views you get to see with your own eyes are breath taking. There is nothing like reaching the top and looking down on the mountain you have just conquered.

There a many beautiful hiking trails in Cape Town, and it doesn't matter where you live, chances are there is a beautiful hiking trail around the corner. My personal favorite hike is; Constantia Neck. Constantia Neck was my first hiking trail, and I still conquer that hike twice a month. There is more than one trail, some are easier than other, so it just depends on the mood you are in, you are welcome to go as high as your body and your mind can take you. The fresh air is refreshing, it is the best way to start your day, and there are plenty of ideal spot where you can have breakfast and enjoy the view at the same time.

Chapmans Peak is another great one, offering you space to cycle up if you want, it’s a little more challenging than Constantia Neck but the view is worth your struggle, overlooking Hout Bay and Seal Island, there are picnic spots set out for your relaxation as many people make their way up in the evening, just in time to watch the sunset. 
Chapmans Peak

Choose Water Through Out Your Day

We all love drinking something interesting, tasty, or different. Most people can’t start their day without coffee, some need a cup of tea or warm milk before they sleep. And even I am guilty of having some soda after a hard workout, we believe that we need these drinks, but in reality we don’t need these drinks at all. In fact some of the drinks I've listed here are bad for your body. 

The boring truth is that the drink that our body actually needs in order to survive is water. We are made up mostly of water, this earth is made mostly of water and all the vegetables and fruits our bodies need are also made up of a lot of water. Water was clearly put on this earth for our consumption, and not because of its flavor but rather because if the effect it has on us.

Water is good for your kidney, and for your blood flow, it give you a healthy looking skin and helps you fight infections. A very important fact to know about water is that; cold water and warm water have different effects on you, and in the long run warm water is better for your body. Warm water soothes your blood vessels and thus hydrates you better, it helps to flush the kidney and improve bowl movements. You should be having a class water with every meal, especially breakfast. Squeezing a little bit of fresh lemon in your warm water help to break down fat. 

Motivation is Key

Don't Wish For It, Work For It
 Many people that complain about the ‘burden’ of exercising, are often complaining about the lack of motivation they have. It is easier for two girls to wake up early and go for a run, than it is for one girl to go at it alone. Personally I have always enjoyed a group sport over going to the gym or running alone. 

Although exercise requires you to push yourself physically, you need to push yourself mentally in order to so. When you have been running for  20 minutes and your body feels like it’s about to give in, having someone there to remind you that; you are not alone, you are almost done and cheer you on, makes all the difference in the world.

For this reason, I created a what’s app group which consisted of girls only, and together we embarked on a 28 day ab challenge. Each week I sent the girls their ab routine for that week, and encouraged them throughout the entire challenge. As the days went by some of the girls started posting motivational pictures to the group and some words of wisdom to keep them going. 

Naturally some people fell behind, but interestingly enough they would confess to the group that they had not kept up and promise to make up for it. In turn the group would encourage that girl to do better next time. The challenge was just that, a challenge and we lost a few girls, but those that made it through the finish line did so together. Although the ab group was just an experiment, some of the girls asked me to create another group. With that being said, we all need some personal motivation, remember why you need a healthy body, remember the positive effects this will have on you in the long run, keep that in mind when it feels like you cannot go any further.